Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week #2 Day 6

Saturday was a good day. Breakfast was a light bowl of cereal. We went to Orchard Beach to hangout, parking is free.. ;-)/// walked by the beach and then Jocelyn decided to go find shells and throw rock to the water. On our way out we stopped at the playground where she had a blast while swinging and learning new ways to play.

Lunch/Dinner was heavy and not proud of it, but its all in the past now.. lol I had a #3 meal from McDonalds with a sprite which if you ask me was more water than anything else. Usually I would get #4 which is a double qt pounder. :-) after that we really didn't eat anything.. till around 8 or so when Jocelyn asked for pizza bagels.. so I picked a bit before I started doing the Chest & Back routine from the P90X sessions.

I weighted myself right before going to sleep just to see how much damage that McD's meal had caused. The reading was 160.5 lbs. mmmm not bad, but not that good either. On top of this, I noticed that when I am home I do not drink as much water as I do when I am at work.. can't really figure that one out yet. I guess that is something I will be working on as I go.

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