Friday, October 1, 2010

Week #2 Day 5

After a heavy meal for dinner last night  surprisingly I didn't gain any weight. I was afraid the tacos and cake will make me gain some. Today I changed the menu a bit, well my wife helped...

For breakfast I had a chocolate bagel twist from dunking donuts with coffee. I didn't have cereal. I also noticed that I haven't been drinking as much coffee as before. I usually get a 20oz cup of coffee but all week long I have only been drinking about half of it.. not intentionally...  took two 160z cups of water and a small banana I call them baby bananas.. they are so tinny.. by 11am.

For lunch Joyce gave me two of those frozen mini chicken sandwiches we got from BJs. All I had to do was just add some cheese, and any other condiment which turned out to be a bit of ketchup and some mustard. The sandwiches came with a small salad which I only ate half. I saved the rest 'till after the run.

I went to the wellness center for a run at lunch time and did my final 4 miler for the week.. Thankfully my legs felt much better and so did the IT band, so my run was just great. After the run and getting back to the office, I finished the rest of my salad and enjoyed some nice refreshing watermelon.

Not sure what's for dinner yet but I am sure it will be good.

Tomorrow is a rest day from running and Sunday will be my long run. hope to hit 8-10 miles.

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