Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week #2 Official Weight Check

Today is Sunday and the next official weight check for me. this is the reading right before I left for my 8 mile run this morning.

I have loss 8 official pounds. Looks like I have been doubling the target goal per week of 2 pounds.. Woohooo. Very nice. I am extremely happy about this.. looks like I will be reaching my goal very soon and in half the time I had estimated. That is if I continue to stick to the plan.  This week was a bit tough to stick to the meal plan. With a BBQ and Birthday dinner with cake. However I was able to drop some weight.  Last week Sunday's check had me at 162, today 157.5 . This was a nice boost for me while doing my run.

Happy, happy, happy, what can I say, all the hard work it's paying off.

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