Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week #2 Day 4

Everything went exactly the same for breakfast.. around 10:30 I started to get a bit hungry so I ate one of the small bananas I took with me. I ate my lunch at 12:30 and went for a run at 2pm.

The run turned out to be a real challenge. I struggled to get to 4 miles in, my legs felt really sore and my IT band was also bothering me. I still have one more 4 miler tomorrow so hopefully my legs will feel ok to do it.

Dinner was not for people on a diet.. lol It was my mother's birthday and they ordered Mexican and obviously there was cake. I ended up having two tacos de lengua, some chips with guacamole, 16oz bottle of water. After dinner the cake was brought out to the table.. All dark chocolate cake from Vinieros.  I managed to just eat one piece with coffee.

Tomorrow is another day and the challenge continues..

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