Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weight Check Point #1

Well it's Wednesday and as I said, I will be weighing myself today. I weighted myself after I was done working out and right before getting in the shower. The result? 161.03 Pounds. HUH??

Remember what I said about your body dropping big time the first few days? well this is what I meant. After the shower, I had to check again to make sure, and the result was 160 pounds even. I checked 2 more times to make sure. and yup, 160 it was.. I dropped 5 pounds in two days.. a bit radical if you ask me..

I dropped this much before in few days, but we are talking at least 5 days, then again, I was not working out, I was just cutting down on the eating. My next weight check is Sunday. Lets see if it changes or remains the same..

If any one is trying to follow some or all of the things I am doing here, do not get discouraged if you don't see a big drop like this.. every one's body is different so hang in there and keep going you will shed the weight..

I am sure by next week my body will not drop as much as it did now.. Now the real challenge, "Keeping those 5 pounds off"

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