Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weight Check Point #1 Revised

Ok. many told me that checking my weight after a workout is not the best way to get an accurate reading. So every one advised to check first thing in the morning and do so at the same time every day I check my weight.

So, I did. I got up this morning, and at 7:15 am right before I jumped in the shower I got on the scale. Now, keep in mind that to ensure accurate reading, this is done with no clothes at all. Yes, naked this way you don't have to worry about "oh, how heavy are the clothes I am wearing now?"

So anyway, my weight as of today at 7:15 am, 160 pound even. :-) I checked 3 times to make sure.

There you have it. Next check point will be Sunday morning. Ahh shoot, this means I'll have to get up at 7am on Sunday.. Blah.. oh well, so be it. I gotta run anyway, might as well do it early.. :-)

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