Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 has gone fine with great things happening most of the day.

Today's 4 mile run did not and will not happen. This is due to a 1 mile race I had at the college in which I managed to pull an ace out of a hat (at least for me). To keep the legs from injury I decided to not run 'till tomorrow.

Food wise, breakfast was the same with the difference of me taking a protein shake before the race around 8 am or so.

Lunch time was not a good one, I had a #1 meal from McDonalds... I know, I know.. But I didn't eat all the fries and only had like 3 sips of the coke that came with it. I have been drinking 1 16 oz bottle of water every hour since 10 am.

After work we made a stop at BJ's for some supplies. We were all really hungry so I had a hot dog. And another 16 oz bottle of water. After almost 2 hours or walking my feet started to hurt and so did my knee.. So I pretty much walked the hot dog off lol.

Got home and Joyce made a wonderful tuna steak with some rice mixed with bulgur and spinach.. Amazing oh yeah, another 16 oz bottle of water.
We had dinner while watching Mama Mia..

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