Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week #2 Day 3

Day 3 was tough. The college I work for was throwing a BBQ for all staff and student. It is always fun and there is always lots of food. In other years, you would see me going back at least twice to get seconds, on top of the cookies.

I could have said no and gone to the caf for a salad, but every one was doing it.. :-) So my meal included;
1- cheese burger (these are McDonald's cheese burger size) so not that big
1- hot dog
small serving of green beans salad
A bottle of water.

I have been eating less for the past two weeks so this portion now seems huge to my stomach.. I felt over stuffed after a few minutes of finishing.

I did my daily 4 miler after work. I decided to take it a bit slow because my legs and knee were bothering me a bit, but I got it in.

Dinner was small, but surprisingly heavy. Joyce made potato soup, salad and two tiny chicken drum sticks. Seriously, it looks like the rotisserie chicken places are using chicks instead of regular chickens, they are so tinny man. Anyway,  looks like the potato soup was too heavy. Rather than loosing any weight I gained a pound.. oh well.. no biggie.. Weight is still right on target.. but I won't lie, it would be sweet if I could loose even more than my goal.

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