Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who's responsible for my overweight?

The college where I work had a BBQ for both students and staff. This is an annual event and there is always a ton of food. From burger, to chicken wings.  This year the menu was no different. Usually the first things to go are the Cookies. Every one hits the cookie table first in order to land their favorite cookies before they are all gone, then the burgers, and last the hot dogs.

As I made my way to the food table, there were some ladies cracking jokes about the food, and how many times they would hit the same food table within an hour. One of them said "See, this why I can't loose any weight. These people just wont let me, it's their fault I keep gaining" the others agreed.. I just laughed.

I am sorry people, but in my opinion, no one is responsible for your weight. It is no one's fault we are just a few pounds heavy or obese, that is unless you have a medical condition. It is no one but our own fault to be at the weight we are now. You a lone have the control of how much food you eat a day. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you will move on to greater things.

Yes, places like McDoland's or in this case the cafeteria here at work do not help by cooking fast greasy foods, but in the case of the cafeteria, there are other choices like; salads and soups along other but few choices. Even McDonalds has salads nowadays, ok maybe they are not as healthy but they are a much better choice over their regular menu. Always try to make the right choice, even if the right one hurts.

I remember when they were trying to sue the fast food companies because people started to gain weight. Let's get real, fast foods are always going to be there, unless the government comes up with a law banning all fast food... right!.. like that is ever going to happen, but 'till then watch what you eat or how much you eat.

The only time a person is responsible for another person's weight is with kids.  A parent is responsible for their kid's weight.  A parent controls what the kids eats and how much of it. I often hear people saying "I don't know what to do? My kid just wont stop eating junk food and drinking sodas at home". First of all, the keyword here is "HOME" if your home is full of junk food, soda, candy etc.. well, what do you expect the kid to eat? if you do not enforce an exercise routine, the kid won't do it. Have you ever try sending an email without the Send shortcut of hitting the Send button? what happens if you don't do either? your email just seats there doing nothing. Same principal here. If you don't get him/her and make them do it, they won't.. Be an example by doing it yourself.

I have been doing this "diet" for 2 weeks now and have shed roughly 7 pounds, and all I have been doing is eating half portions and exercise. I haven't stopped any dairy, sugar, carbs or anything crazy like that.. simply cutting my portions in half. As a matter of fact, I added stuff like veggies. LOL and I have personally added a more frequent workout routine, but you don't have to. It has been proven that working out for 30 min twice a week on top of your diet helps loose weight.

Making changes in our daily habits is not an easy thing to do, trust me, I know. It hasn't been easy for me to change my eating habit, but like they say, NO PAIN, NO GAIN.. I still don't like vegetables, but hey, if I am going to force my 3 year old eat them, I have to be the example and swallow my own words.

If you are doing what I am doing, keep it up, stick to your goal. Know that no one can't help you the way you can help yourself. People can show support and love for you during your quest, but you alone hold the key to success. Take it one step at at time and sooner than you think, you'll be at the end of your goal, and probably setting up a new one. Don't set the goal to high, some times we shoot for the stars when we first need to build the rocket, then learn how to pilot the rocket, and so on. One step at a time.

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