Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Am I Doing It....

A friend told me today "Give yourself a commitment to a routine for a short time, and stick with it" So, I will. As I said on the previous post, the goal is 10 pounds or more in 5 weeks.. that is 2 solid pounds per week. Yes it seem small, but I have been there before and it is not as easy as it sounds. Pretty much anything can through your weight off at any given moment. So the goal here is not to just loose the pounds, but also to keep them off.  To do this I have a few things I will be using to help out.

1- Eat smaller portions. Some foods will have to be replaced for others, example; rather than eating a bacon/egg/swiss on a bagel or roll, I will be having a small bowl of cereal. The one I am using is Special K, not because of the silly K challenge, but because I simply like the taste and the box. ;-) I will also be adding more veggies to my diet. "did I say that out loud?" Joyce is probably laughing with this one right now. But yes.. more veggies or salads will be added.

2- Less Coffee. WHAT?.. not "the water of life".. I am still taking coffee, just replacing some of the 3 out of the 5 daily cups with water instead. Regardless, water cleans your system helping you loose weight with it. 

3- Running: this one is a challenge of it own. The goal is 4 miles, no more no less every day on Weekdays. Time does not matter, pace does not matter, all that matters is those 4 daily miles without missing a single one. In another time I would have been able to go for 6-7 miles daily, but lets be realistic here.. I won't be able to pull it off with the knee the way it is and loosing weight does should not mean inflicting pain to your self. 

The hard part is deciding to do a long run on Saturday after running 20 mile the whole week or rest Saturday and do a long run Sunday instead, but that means I may not give my knee enough rest that way.. I'll be playing it by ear I guess, but I welcome suggestions. Oh yeah, a long run will probably be between 6-10 miles. 

4- Cross Training/Core: this will be 3 times a week and will include P90X, weights, and maybe some biking 

So there, 4 simple things that should help me get there. If anyone reading this wants to do the exact same thing.. "not that I am expecting any one to, but just in case" you don't have to do the P90X workouts.. you can do any other type of workout.. I am only ding the P90X because I happen to have the DVDs.  

Ok. well, that's it.. lets see how it goes.. Today was my first bowl of cereal for breakfast, and I am ready for lunch.. lol it wont take long to get used to the new routine. This will be fun. :-)

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