Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 went ok. It was hard to not want bigger portions, but I made it through the day.

"Fruit & Yogurt/Vanilla Almond "
The first meal of the day for Tuesday was a 9oz bowl of Special K, "Fruit & Yogurt" box to be exact, with whole milk. A cup of coffee went just nice with it. Needless to say, 30 min later I had my first water intake. 
Surprisingly, the cereal held me up until around noon when I started getting hungry. By noon I had already taken 3 16oz cups of water which I think help me not get hungry.

I had to wait at about another hour before I could take lunch, the whole time I kept trying to figure out what to eat. I didn't have any cash with me so I had to get lunch from the caf at school. You know what they have there right? 5% of their food is health and they are only salads.

While I tried to make up my mind, a coworker walked in with a cheese burger and fries.. the jerk. I wanted one so bad. I figure, I'll just get a smaller portion of fires. LOL So I headed to the caf and when I got there, I couldn't bring myself to order it.. so I walked to the salad bar with a face... if you know me, you know I hate salads or veggies for that matter.. I love meat.. not pork, but beef and chicken. My theory is that the cow eats the veggies and when I eat beef, well I am getting the benefit of red meat and the veggies at the same time. LOL , Ok so that was my "get out of eating veggies line" 

The salad I made for myself was a combination of what they call "Spring Mix Greens" and iceberg lettuce, which to be honest has very low nutrition value, to me.. its mostly a water retaining leaf. 
MENTAL NOTE: Stick to the Spring Mix..  I added some grilled chicken, very little Cesar's dressing, and some whole wheat croutons. (I am still not sure about that one, but that's what they wrote on the label so it probably is).

For dinner, Joyce cooked some shrimp with a really goos smoked flavored sauce and rice.. She made sure the portion was small but sufficient. I wanted to take a pic of it last night, but I completely forgot by the time dinner came to the table. Oh yeah.. both lunch and dinner went great with a 16oz glass and cup of iced cold water. 

I am happy to say that it went good so far, but this is the first day. It is not easy to give up some foods.. Example; We made a quick stop at Target last night and when we go Jocelyn always asks for pizza. She calls Target the Red Pizza store. I was praying she would not ask for one because I would have order two Pizza Hut Personal pies with pepperoni, one for her and one for me. 

When we got home I was hungry but I needed to run so since I had a protein shake in the fridge, I took only half just to have something in my stomach while running. Did my 4 mile run which turned out to be a bit of a challenge since my legs felt a bit heavy, but managed to pull it off with an under 10 min pace. 

I will not weight myself every day.. why? well for the first few days as you body gets used to the new routine, it drops more weight than expected and I don't want to end up thinking "oh nice, I think I can eat a little more since I am doing good" because after the first week things change, you body will not shed that much weight and like I said before, anything can throw your weight off at any day, so to get better readings, I guess it will be safe to check every 3 days or so or once on Wednesday and once on Sunday. So tonight is weight check for me. I know I just started but, better get into the routine of doing it.

Now off to a brand new exciting day. 

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