Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week #2, Day 2

Tuesday was a bit easier to stay on track with eating and exercise. I managed to burn some extra calories during my lunch time due to a work order I had at the Wellness Center. I biked for 25 minutes and did some curls with a set of 25s and 30s

Breakfast is still the same.. I have to be honest.. it is getting boring to have just cereal for breakfast, so I need to start getting creative with this before I hit the wall and start eating like crazy. 

I added some fruit to the mix about 2 hrs after breakfast, cantaloupe to be exact. Joyce my wife went through the trouble to cut up some and put them in a small container for me. She even added grapes on another container, but I didn't get to those, so I put them in the fridge for Wednesday.. :-) 

Lunch was a mess to be honest.. I didn't planned this one right. I had half a brisket roll and a small tuna steak, a little rice, and arugula. Oh yeah mushrooms too. but thought of eating it after the lunch workout since I didn't want to be too hungry for my run after work. I had another bowl of cereal before heading to the Gym, did my thing and what should have taking me 30 min tops to do took me almost 2 hrs. "set up a PC" like I said, i didn't plan it right. So I ended up eating my lunch at 4:30 not giving me enough time to digest it before my run. 

Went back to the gym after 5 and was a bit worried that I my trow up, so I started out slow. First mile came and went, 2nd mile went fine.. and thankfully, my stomach didn't have any problems. finished my run with a bit of a sprint on the last mile. 

As I got home I did my Ab Ripper session, the session took me longer than usual due to constant interruptions from the gremlins (my daughter and cat) but I managed to do 30 reps for each workout for a total of 410 reps.. not bad.. great day.. 

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